A letter to my Body 2.0

Dear Body,

Its been a tough one this year.
My brain hasn’t liked it much and you bore the brunt of it.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for all the times I’ve picked at you. I’m sorry for the times I’ve poisoned you.

I’m sorry that I’ve starved you, overfed you.

I’m sorry that I’ve just not loved you.

People see you differently to the way that I do.

I have a view of which you are usless, horrible and deserve to be hidden.

Others see you as perfect. We’ll work on accepting that.

In the mean time, listen to those who are trying to teach you to love yourself.
Listen to your best friend. When he says there’s nothing wrong with you.

Listen to the people who see you as more than your body. Who see you as amazing and kind and wonderful

Year 2021, the year of loving my body. I’m coming for you.

Love, Albie xxxx