To my best friends

This is a post dedicated to two of the most amazing people in my life.

Two of the closest people and most important people in my life.

Nicole and Dan. You will see this post as I will send it to you and I want you to see it.


I’ve known you since I was diddy but only became friends with you properly when we became year 37’s.
You have seen me through so much shit. There have been so many times where you’ve had my back.

I know that you would do anything for me.

I appreciate our days of cross stitch and bitch at your house. I appreciate your hugs as I know how precious they are.

I appreciate your humour, and you ability to always say the right thing even if it’s not the relevant thing.


A person who hasn’t been in my life quite as long but has had just of much of an impact.

You were my rock through work over the summer and have continued to be so.

I appreciate your atrocious sense of dad humour and your repertoire of dad jokes and puns.

I appreciate your ability to find something dirty in everything I say (most of the time).

Both of you

I appreciate the time you have given me. The memories we have made.

I appreciate the endless support and effort.

I understand that watching me struggle isn’t easy but thank you for staying.

You two are incredible, incredible friends. I can only hope that I’m at least half as good of a friend back.

Thank you for being beautiful souls.
You guys are my soul mates.

I love you both more than words can say and I never want you to forget it.

Queen Bae and Spaniel. You are amazing

Love you