#MyNameIs a healthcare professional with mental health issues. #MyNameIs mental illness.

My new campaign is all about healthcare professionals who experience mental health issues. To kick off the campaign I have asked other health care professionals to write about their experiences as guest posts.



I am a Medical student

I live in Uk

I started having troubles with depression back in school at the age of 16, and whilst i struggled through it through the help of CAMHS, i felt in a much better place at the start of my degree, thinking it was all behind me.

I have found that as the stress of the working environment, the weight of responsibility and the thought of graduation and its implications looms ever closer, I am struggling ever more with anxiety.

I think the ever growing pressures on the NHS, and the idea of going into that work environment, plus the current increase in workload, and the weight of expectations of myself mean that i have days go by where i feel helpless to actually do anything, rather than get on with something.

I feel that our university does actually give us good support, many of our staff see us regularly and are approachable and have offered before to talk to us about any problems we have.

We also have a counsellor we can access through a university system, and it isn’t too restrictive to get in touch either. I think the more we talk about it, and acknowledge that nearly anyone and everyone has these issues, the easier it becomes to talk to friends about it, explain to people why you aren’t on top form or have to miss a meeting etc. without then feeling embarrassed, or not wanting to seek help because of embarrassment.

Saying you are going to see a counsellor should be of no more significance than saying you have to miss your meeting because you are seeing your GP.

 It shouldn’t come with any other questions either. I think people are getting better in this regard, as a cultural shift takes place, and I think we just need to keep working towards that, along with increased access to helpful resources like the ones I mentioned we are lucky to have. I used to worry as a teenager that having mood difficulties, even at their most innocuous all to the way to extreme, meant i could never become a doctor, and I wish at the time someone had told me that was simply not true.

I hope we are building a society that teaches children their mental health should never be a barrier to their goals

I hope you all enjoyed this insightful post. If anyone reading this needs support, below are some helplines and websites. Thank you for reading and a massive thank you to contributors of this series.

Look after yourself,

Love Abz

Signposting (UK)


The Mix (up to 25)-020 7009 2500




Papyrus-0800 068 41 41

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