Time to Talk day was the 7th February. On this day I was at the University of the West of England running a stall with dedicated staff and volunteers from Time to change.

On our stall we had a jar that members of the public could fill with things that make them happy. In this Blog post I am going to share them.

1. Coffee

2. Becky (my best pal)

3.Walking my dog Shelby

4.Dot’s dog Shelby

5. Being happy

6. Coffee

7. Grandchild “Jack”

8. Friends and family

9. Spending time with my family

10. White chocolate tiffin

11. Bird song

12. Cycling

13. My dog

14. Good Food

15. My Children and Husband

16. Family

17. Lads

18. Support


20. Nature

21. Computer Games

22. Cycling

23. Dancing in tights

24. Snow

25. Wildlife

26. Talking


28. Movement

29. Making Art

30. Dancing to the radio with my 9 year old son

31. Cycling to work on a sunny day

32. My husband. My rock. My biggest fan. My one. ❤

33. Cycling to work on a sunny day

34. My family and friends

35. Mummy time

36. Wine

37. Cinema

38. Chocolate

39. My wonderful friends

40. Being active

41. Going on walks

42. FOOD (Pasta, Pizza, Most CARBS!) ❤

43. When it’s sunny between the rain

44. Music

45. The colour yellow

46. Emily and Harry <3<3


48.My brothers and sisters

49.Seeing my nan and gramps

50. Listening to music

51. Wine

52. Musicals

53. Stars

Thank you to all who contributed to this list. I really enjoyed reading all the things that make people happy.


Abz x

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