#HMyNameIs a healthcare professional with mental health issues. #MyNameIs mental illness.

My new campaign is all about healthcare professionals who experience mental health issues. To kick off the campaign I have asked other health care professionals to write about their experiences as guest posts.


I am a Childrens Mental Health Nurse

My favourite animals are Cats and Pandas

I live in Hampshire

Do you think there was enough support when studying your qualification for those who were experiencing mental health issues?

I don’t know about other people but my university were very supportive of me when I had to take a few weeks off as a result of my mental health. I was offered to retake an exam if I didn’t get the grade predicted and I was under no pressure to come back before I was ready to. Occupational health signed me off nights as they impact my mental health so much, and I also had the option to seek support from student services but chose not to as I had support from mental health services outside of uni.
Did studying your course affect your mental health, if so, how?

Yes but through no fault of the university. I am a huge perfectionist and put enormous amounts of pressure on myself, which definitely did have a negative effect on my mental health.

Do you/did you feel comfortable talking to your colleagues/lecturers/mentors about your mental health?

I do now! I didn’t used to but I’ve learnt over the last few years how important it is, so now I’m really open.

Have you felt that being a healthcare professional has stopped you from seeking help for your mental health issue?

Yes. Although I am open with people around me, the fear of running into any of my current or past patients has definitely stopped me engaging in treatment before and also means I have to attend a service out of area.

What more needs to be done (if anything) for healthcare students/professionals suffering with mental health issues?

There needs to be a better culture of being open, especially in mental health services. We are often our own worst enemy as a profession and we need to be better at sharing and listening.

Any advice for current students/qualified professionals who are struggling?

Be honest. People can’t help you if they don’t know, and in my experience things have been so much easier for me once I’ve shared because it means I’ve been able to get the support I’ve needed.

I hope you all enjoyed this insightful post. If anyone reading this needs support below are some helplines and websites. Thank you for reading and a massive thank you to contributors of this series.

Look after yourself,

Love Abz

Signposting (UK)

The Mix (up to 25)-020 7009 2500


Papyrus-0800 068 41 41


My Love of Singing

Really wanted to write something tonight, I needed a creative outlet, so here we go.

From as young as I can remember I have always loved singing. I never really had much confidence with it but I adored it.

When I was about 15 I started having singing lessons at school and they were the highlight of my week.

It was a time where my mental health was struggling and for me singing was my therapy.

My singing teacher is also on of the most amazing people ever, and would be there to listen as well as teach me. She stills here for me now.

She would always know what song to teach me to sing, depending on what mood I was in.

It was when I was 16 that I started to be confident enough to perform and found my love of it. It was only assemblies and school concerts but I still loved it.

Although I’d get anxious about speaking on the phone or walking to school, I could sing on a stage and it would be completely different, I would drift away to somewhere else.

Since I left school, however, I don’t sing very often. If I do, it’s often when I’m by myself. I just don’t have the confidence to share it with anyone else anymore . Only exception to this was when sang at my dad’s wedding which I really enjoyed. I do find sad that I don’t sing much anymore , but I’m hoping I’ll get there one day.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite songs to sing.

My House- Matilda

This was one of the first pieces of musical theatre that I ever sang. I never thought I was capable of singing musical theatre, I was always in awe of others singing it. This song boosted my confidence, and I just think it’s such a beautiful song.

Closest thing to crazy- Katie Melua

This was the first song that I was ever taught to sing. It was for a competition at school (I actually won my category!). I just love this song. There’s a video on YouTube of me singing it if you search hard enough!

Stars and the moon- Songs for a new world

This is another piece of musical theatre. To me this felt like a proper piece of musical theatre. I love the different emotions that you can show in this song. I remember being taught it and thinking I would never actually be able to sing it. But I could!

A change in me- Beauty and the Beast (Musical)

Go and listen to this song, it is beautiful. It is also the inspiration for the name of my blog. This song means a lot to me. I sung it to some of my teachers as a goodbye when I left school. It is my all time favourite song to sing providing I don’t cry!

Please go and have a listen to all of these songs, I’d love to see if you all like them as much as I do.


And x


Time to Talk day was the 7th February. On this day I was at the University of the West of England running a stall with dedicated staff and volunteers from Time to change.

On our stall we had a jar that members of the public could fill with things that make them happy. In this Blog post I am going to share them.

1. Coffee

2. Becky (my best pal)

3.Walking my dog Shelby

4.Dot’s dog Shelby

5. Being happy

6. Coffee

7. Grandchild “Jack”

8. Friends and family

9. Spending time with my family

10. White chocolate tiffin

11. Bird song

12. Cycling

13. My dog

14. Good Food

15. My Children and Husband

16. Family

17. Lads

18. Support


20. Nature

21. Computer Games

22. Cycling

23. Dancing in tights

24. Snow

25. Wildlife

26. Talking


28. Movement

29. Making Art

30. Dancing to the radio with my 9 year old son

31. Cycling to work on a sunny day

32. My husband. My rock. My biggest fan. My one. ❤

33. Cycling to work on a sunny day

34. My family and friends

35. Mummy time

36. Wine

37. Cinema

38. Chocolate

39. My wonderful friends

40. Being active

41. Going on walks

42. FOOD (Pasta, Pizza, Most CARBS!) ❤

43. When it’s sunny between the rain

44. Music

45. The colour yellow

46. Emily and Harry <3<3


48.My brothers and sisters

49.Seeing my nan and gramps

50. Listening to music

51. Wine

52. Musicals

53. Stars

Thank you to all who contributed to this list. I really enjoyed reading all the things that make people happy.


Abz x