Day 14- Vegan Food Products

Hi, I’ve decided to do a blog every day for advent (well at least try to). These blogs are going to be about various things, some about mental health but also some about other topics. I haven’t planned them yet, so they may be (most definitely will be) rough around the edges.  Some may contain trigger warnings; I will say this before the start of the post.

Day 14- My Favourite Vegan Food Products

This post is going to be a list of some of my favourite vegan food products. Some are accidently vegan and some are just made vegan.


Some of you may not know that Oreos are vegan, but they are, exciting times! If you want to be creative with them, you could make cookie dough Oreo brownies. You just need to make the cookie do vegan by using oil and vegan spread, and you can just use a brownie packet mix made with either lemonade, coke, or just using oil. Super junk food vegan style.

Party Rings

Childhood favourites, and they’re vegan. Do you remember sticking them on the end of your finger? And then biting into your finger by accident when trying to eat them? Well if you’re vegan you can still experience this. Even though you know it’s only a bit of icing on a biscuit, it’s a nostalgia thing, right?

Wheaty Chorizo

This came in a vegan subscription box, and it was the last thing to be eaten in there as I thought it was going to be gross. I was wrong. This is however, one of those things you should only eat if you’re okay eating things that taste so much like meat. They are yummy.


I have a massive sweet tooth so I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat chewy sweets. But skittles are still on the cards. Yay

Tesco Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

These are one of those things again that you probably wouldn’t like if you don’t like things that are too realistic to meat. These say vegetarian on the packet but they are vegan and so good. My stepdad is a massive meat eater but he ate these and didn’t realise they weren’t meat.

Linda McCartney “pork and Apple” Sausage rolls

I only found these the other day and they are as good as the ones above but feel a little fancier. Plus, the apple flavour makes them even better.

Ben and Jerrys

Obviously when I say Ben and Jerrys I mean the dairy free stuff. It’s just as good as the other stuff, but unfortunately slightly more expensive, so definitely just a treat.

Lemon Drizzle Nakd Bars

All of the Nakd bars are vegan, but my favourite one is the lemon drizzle one. It tastes like a lemon and coconut cake.

I understand that the food I just mentioned is mainly snacking stuff, so I will write post at some point of some actually meals. I just wanted to point out that we can still have the treats as a Vegan.

Love Abbie xx

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