Hi, I’ve decided to do a blog every day for advent (well at least try to). These blogs are going to be about various things, some about mental health but also some about other topics. I haven’t planned them yet, so they may be (most definitely will be) rough around the edges.  Some may contain trigger warnings; I will say this before the start of the post.


I want to write a really long post about this, but at the same time I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. So I will try not to. However, I expect most people who are going to see this no the storyline from listening to the soundtrack anyway. The first song gives you the rundown of what’s going on anyway.

I was so nervous about going to see this show as I have been waiting for two years to see it, I bought my tickets in January, and now it’s gone. But it was so worth it.

I don’t really know how express my love for it.

I was scared that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, especially because I’m used to hearing the Broadway cast but could I be more wrong.

I think the best way for me to write about this is to split it down, so I’m going to write about the individual characters and the set, as like I said I think most of you will know the storyline.

The set, theatre, costumes, and the band.

Firstly, the theatre, Victoria Palace theatre is now looking beautiful since the refurbishments. It’s one of those theatres that no matter where you sit you get a decent view of the stage. The décor definitely suits the show itself and I think it will make a lovely home for the show over the next few years.

The set. The set and the staging was fab; it was fairly simplistic yet complex at the same time. With so much going on on the stage anyway it was important not have masses on set to contend with too. The balance was perfect.

The costumes were stunning. Whoever made them deserves awards, they were just beautiful and were a mix between contemporary and 18th century wear (it’s possible).

The band was obviously so talented and played amazingly on the night.

Alexander Hamilton- Jamael Westman

Jamael had big boots to fill, as most people who have listened to the show will be familiar with the incredible Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man who wrote the show, playing Alexander Hamilton. But he did an absolutely incredible. He was fresh out of RADA but you’d think he’d been playing the part for years.

He played the character with such emotion. He has got the character down to a tee.

You fully see the character grow up through the show, and Jamael did this excellently.

Eliza Schuyler/ Eliza Hamilton– Rachelle Ann Go

Rachelle had previously been in Miss Saigon and although I had never seen her I had heard great things. She played Eliza so gently at the beginning of the show, which was nice, as that’s how she should be. However, because of this I was worried that when she needed to be fierce near the end I was worried she wouldn’t be. But she didn’t let me done and sung “Burn” beautifully and with such passion. She did a fantastic job.

Angelica Schuyler- Rachel John

Rachel was absolutely brilliant. Angelica is one of my top favourite characters. She is a fierce, strong, feminist, but she also has vulnerable side which is seen in songs like “satisfied”, and “quiet uptown”. Rachel got this balance of her character absolutely spot on. I was so impressed with her. Also Rachel’s voice is just beautiful!

Peggy Schuyler/ Maria Reynolds- Christine Allado

“And Peggy”… Christine managed to do both of these characters justice. These seem to me to be two difficult characters to play as they are so different but also similar. She plays the young naïve Peggy in a sweet but mischievous manner, and then manages to swap to play Maria in her desperate, but sexual manner. Just great.

Hercules Mulligan/ James Maddison- Tarinn Callender

I didn’t think that Mulligan and Maddison were that similar, but they are a Tarinn perfected it. Mulligan and Maddison are both big and loveable characters that also present them self as quite strong. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Also a both quite humorous characters.

John Laurens/ Phillip Hamilton- Cleve September

Cleve managed to play two very different characters in a brilliant way. He had the job of playing John Laurens who was one of Hamilton’s friends who worked alongside him, with a passion for ended slavery. Laurens is quite a quiet and somewhat sensible character.

We meet Phillip when he is only 9 years old, and although Cleve is a fully grown man, he still manages to play this really well. The relationship he has with Hamilton in both characters is wonderful and sweet. He truly is a great actor.

Aaron Burr- Giles Terera

Aaron Burr was the most shocking one for me. Burr does a lot of singing as he is basically the narrator of this story. So I was very much use to Leslie Odom Jr’s version that it was strange when I heard someone else’s voice. But I really enjoyed the way he played him. Giles portrayed Burr as a much more sensible and bitter character than he is portrayed in the soundtrack, and actually I think that’s the way he should be played. Terera did a really good job.

Lafayette/ Thomas Jefferson- Jason Pennycooke

When I penny dropped that these two characters are played by the same person it all made sense. These two characters are both funny and witty, although one’s kind of an enemy of Hamilton and the other a friend, they are both very similar. Jason’s portrayal of them both was brilliant, his dancing was great, and he was just so funny. He also perfectly mastered the Guns and Ships rap.

George Washington- Obioma Ugoala

Obioma Ugoala, when he first walked on stage and opened his mouth me and my sister turned to each other- what a voice! He has such an incredible singing voice. He played George Washington with compassion and just did an excellent job. As I said, his voice blew me away.


King George- Michael Jibson

From the original cast recording King George was my least favourite character and I think it was just because all I could do was hear him. Michael has changed that for me. He played the loveable, yet hateable, English buffoon perfectly. Think 18th century Boris Johnson. He made me love the character, he was just so damn funny.

George Eaker- Curtis Angus/ Charles Lee- Leslie Garcia Bowman

Curtis and Leslie were mainly ensemble but they did take on two quite crucial characters. Leslie plays Charles lee and depicted a funny, clueless, but then bitter character perfectly and in a hilarious manner. Curtis obviously plays someone who no one likes because he does a bad thing, but does it well.


Finally, the ensemble. What an amazingly talented, strong, and fit bunch. They had to do tough choreography and do it well, and they did. They were amazing and I don’t know how they did it. Again I was blown away by their talent.



Overall it was an amazing show and amazing night. I just hope I get to go again.



Abbie xx

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