Day 8- Vegan Peeps

Hi, I’ve decided to do a blog every day for advent (well at least try to). These blogs are going to be about various things, some about mental health but also some about other topics. I haven’t planned them yet, so they may be (most definitely will be) rough around the edges.  Some may contain trigger warnings; I will say this before the start of the post.

Day 8- Vegan Peeps

Never did I think I’d be using the word ‘peeps’ in a blog title, but there we go. This post is going to be all about the people who I follow/watch/read in the vegan community. Even though I no longer vegan, I do hope to be one again soon, and these people are really great to follow.

Vegan Geezer

Bob, is from London and makes videos about his vegan life, he is also a vegan activist. He became vegan in 2013 and has been vlogging about it ever since.

The first time I heard about him was when I was still eating meat and I had gone to Bristol Viva last year. I went to watch a talk by him and he contributed to me going vegan.

He has children, and him and his wife have raised them vegan too. His videos are great and are about things from vegan recipes, ‘what I eat in a day’, to hauls, and the life of his vegan and awesome son ‘Jojo’.

If you’re just curious about veganism, then I highly recommend his video “why vegan?” which is a presentation/talk he did in a school.

He does pop up around the country at various vegan festivals, so keep an eye out, you might be able to say hello. (He welcomes people coming and speaking to him).



Brianna Jackfruitson

This lovely lady is another YouTuber called Brianna. She became vegan when recovering from an eating disorder, and I think she started of raw but now she just eats what she wants, obviously vegan though.

I first came across her in “clean eating’s dirty secret” this programme was done horrifically and portrayed veganism as a restrictive, clean eating diet, when this is just not true. Brianna also criticises how she was portrayed in this documentary. It is presented by Grace Victory, but I don’t think she fully understood what the difference was between “clean eating “and veganism.

Rant is now over about that documentary.

Brianna’s videos range from mukbang (recipes), to what I eat in a day, and reaction videos. I like Brianna as she shows how diverse a vegan diet can be and also that recovery from an eating disorder is possible.




Vegan Voyager

Laura is a northern vegan and mental health YouTuber from Newcastle. I came across her videos when I was looking for vegan ideas, and she showed me a lot of “accidentally” vegan food. She teaches you that you don’t have to completely change what you have in your cupboard in order to live a vegan lifestyle.

My favourite videos from her are her haul videos, quite often done in a supermarket like Aldi, so that anyone can afford to eat vegan. Her videos are particularly helpful for students who want to follow a vegan lifestyle.



Jack Munroe

Jack is well-known for being a journalist, writer, and activist around poverty issues. Jack is also vegan. They have recently produced a recipe book called “cooking on a bootstrap”. Not all of their recipes are vegan, but the ones that are look so good.

They are also inexpensive to make, so that makes things even better.

Their blog link is here – and from just having a quick look now, there are lots of vegan recipes.

The link to buy their book is here-

And I also suggest following on twitter as their tweets can brighten up your day.


I wish I had more people to write about but these are the ones that spring to mind currently.

Hope this is helpful, go and check all these people out.


Abbie xx



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