Growing Up with Domestic Abuse








Between the ages of 0-7 my life was pretty standard, I lived with my sister, mum, and dad. We did move towns, but other than that, pretty standard.

When I was 7 my parents split and my dad moved back to our hometown, and that’s when things really changed.

My mum got into a relationship that turned out to be abusive. He would physically, sexually, and emotionally abuse her. He never laid a finger on me or my sister however, it had a massive impact on us.

This lasted on and off for about 5 years until he finally left.

Me and my sister were impacted both directly and indirectly by the abuse my mum suffered. One of the things that happened from this abuse was my mu developed anorexia, we watched her drop to a tiny weight, and then her attitudes towards food rubbed off on me.

I also now suffer from various mental health issues, but my anxiety was the one primarily created by the abuse I’ve witnessed. I can’t even bare someone raising their voice even slightly, the minute that happens I panic, my heart races.

I thought that all of this had stopped when my mums old partner left. However, recently similar things are happening with her new ( although hes been with her for years) partner. He had always been emotionally abusive to me, and he had been fairly emotionally abusive to mum. There was also a physical incident with his son.

But literally yesterday he was physically abusive to my mum.

The issue I have however, is that i see this as normal and feel like if I complain about this then I’m just making a big deal about things.

I just hope that when I’m older I don’t end up in a relationship like that.

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