Lesbian and Mentally Ill

So as it’s pride season I wanted to write a post to do with the links (if there are any) between my sexuality and me having a mental illness.

Only 30 years ago was homosexuality itself no longer considered a mental health issue. Some may still believe that being gay is a mental health issue.

To me my sexuality and my mental illness and mental health are connected quite a bit.

When I was 15 I was “outed” as gay to most of my school, after this I began experiencing symptoms of mental illness. It started with me just feeling low for a prolonged period of time and then I began self-harming. After this my mental illness really developed.

The similarities continue between these two things in others ways as well. For example, the reactions I received from my family were pretty similar.

When I finally got the guts to come out to my mum she told me that I was making a big deal out of nothing, and that I couldn’t be sure that I was gay. When I told my mum that I was experiencing mental health issues she said i was making a big deal out of nothing and that I was probably making it up.

When I told my dad I was gay he was very over the top about the whole thing, the same as when I told him about being mentally ill.

Another experience I had was with my Dr who said that one of the reasons I was feeling so awful was ‘because I didn’t have a boyfriend’, she said this even though she knew I was gay.

With both of these topics and parts of my life there is still huge stigma surrounding them and it will be a continuous fight, however, I know I wouldn’t be the same without them.


Abz xx


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