Signs I’m Coping

Signs I’m coping better…

I have a mental health issue that will always be there, so I will never be fully recovered. However, I know that I am coping with things in a much better way and I’m learning to live again.

So below is a list of reasons as to how I know I am coping a lot better than I was:

  • I’m smiling; I can tell I’m smiling more as my face can start to hurt, which obviously implies I wasn’t smiling much before.
  • I’m talking about it; I talk about how I’m feeling and I’m fairly open and honest about my mental illness. Talking about it has been a massive thing is trying to help me feel better.
  • I’m eating; as soon as my eating goes wrong, then I know I’m not mentally my best. But as long as I am eating enough and not overcompensating for it then I know I am doing well.
  • I’m brushing my teeth; I know it’s a grim thought me not brushing my teeth twice a day but when you feel like rubbish it’s the last thing on your mind.
  • I’m showering; same as above.
  • I’m getting out of bed; my worse days are when I lie in bed all day, so any day I do get out I see it as an achievement.
  • I’m going out; when I say going out I don’t mean clubbing. I mean something as simple as going out of my room into my kitchen or going to the uni shop.
  • I’m socialising; at my worst I just don’t talk to anyone and instead isolate myself which in turn makes me feel worse, so as long as I’m talking to people then I am coping.
  • I’m sleeping; when things get bad I don’t sleep, which then makes me feel even worse. But if I sleep then I feel better and if I feel better I sleep better.
  • I engage; I engage with what I’m doing, I feel, I interact, I live.
  • I LAUGH; rather than being numb and dazed, I have enjoyment and laugh.

I wouldn’t be where I am today and be able to write this post if it wasn’t for the amazing family, friends, teacher, and health professionals, who have helped and supported me and made me realise that things do get better.

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