“Too fat for an eating disorder” 

Yesterday I had a mental health assessment to help me access some support now I’m not at home. I’ve had these assessments before and I was fairly apprehensive about it. 

Thankfully, the women I saw was lovely and very helpful. The outcome of this appointment was a refferral to the eating disorder clinic. I was shocked. 

I grew up with an anorexic mother. I knew from a fairly young age what an eating disorder looks like, well I thought I did. 

The stigma surrounding eating disorders quite often makes people think that you have to be anorexic in order to have an eating disorder, however this is not the case. 

Since I was about 12 I have had a maladaptive relationship with food. One that has caused me distress and happiness, however I thought my behaviours were normal. If I was feeling rubbish about myself the instant solution was to not to eat, or it was to eat a lot. Both of which unhelpful and unhealthy behaviours that later lead me to feeling worse. 

Although retrospectively I can see it’s unhealthy, I still can’t believe that I have an eating disorder, because I don’t look like I have one. 

I guess I’ll just have to learn that there is no such thing as being too fat for an eating disorder. 

Love Abbie xx   

One thought on ““Too fat for an eating disorder” 

  1. Hello, Abbie. I love the titles of your entries…especially this one! You broke the stereotype before you even wrote the article. My name is Melody and I’m with TreasureLives Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness. I have been nominated for the 2017 Best Blogger Recognition Award and in turn am nominating you. Please visit http://www.bettysbattleground.com for information about the process. There is some work involved, but personally, I’m enjoying it: It brought me to you. ~ Melody


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