Talking About Mental Health

It’s time to talk.

Time to talk day will take place on the 2nd February this year. This is a day created by Time2change.

The idea is to have a day dedicated to talking about mental health.

Talking about mental health is extremely important, it helps to destroy the stigma attached around mental illness.

I personally have had many conversations about mental health in my life. These conversations have been with friends, family members, counsellors, doctors, therapists, teachers, and strangers. And all of these conversations have impacted on my life.

It can be hard to start up a conversation about mental health, especially if it’s about your own, so I’m going to give you some tips that have helped me when I’ve want to tell someone about my mental illness.

Firstly, find someone who you know you can trust. Whether it’s a teacher, family member, friend, or someone else, make sure you decide on who you’re going to speak to.

When deciding on who you’re going to speak to there may be some things you want to consider, like whether it may be there duty to pass it on to someone else. For example, if you disclose certain things to a teacher they may need to pass it on.


Secondly, decide what you’re going to say. You are in charge of how much or how little you say. It is entirely up to you. You obviously don’t need to decide on everything then and there. But you might want to think of a few points that you want to tell them. If it helps write it down and bring it with you.


Thirdly, set a date. Once you’ve decided you who you want to talk to and what you want to say, then you should set a date. This doesn’t have to be an exact time or day. But roughly it’s good to plan when you want to tell someone. If this person is someone like a teacher or another professional, you may have to book an appointment anyway. Making a date to tell someone always made me feel better.


Finally, talk. When it comes to the day when you are having this conversation try not to panic. It can be difficult, I know, but the person you are talking to wants to listen, if they didn’t they wouldn’t have agreed to talk to you. Take it slow, breath. Remember that you are in control of what you say. If It gets to the conversation and you decide that you don’t want to include everything you’d planned to then that’s fine. At least you are talking.