Christmas is tiring 

It’s Boxing Day 2016 and  Christmas/ celebrations of sort won’t stop until 31st of December. This happens every year. My birthday is the 30th and my parents are separated. 

So now Christmas Day with dad is over it’s means Christmas Day with mum will start tomorrow. Then we will visit other family members then it will be my birthday. 

It’s a never ending celebration and sounds great for many. However it is so stressful and tiring for me. 

I’m stuck in a house currently where everyone knows I have something called bpd. But they don’t know what it does, like my problems with eating, and anxiety. So it means that even though I’m surrounded by people it means I can’t talk to anyone. 

It’s exhausting having to keep up a fairly positive facade. Especially when I’m sat here feeling suicidal. But I know it will be over soon. I’ll try my best to enjoy it 

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