Tips for a self-care Christmas Day 

1- Treat it like an average day. Don’t put more pressure on yourself about it being amazing, just keep it like a normal day. 

2- Give yourself space. If things get overwhelming then go and find somewhere you can get away. Even if this ends up being the bathroom. 

3. Eat what you want to. That’s what everyone else is doing, so if you don’t want to/ can’t eat much then don’t force yourself to. And if you want to eat then eat as much as you like. Food is not the most important thing of the day.

4. Remember that most people are grateful. So don’t worry about what people may think of your gift that you’ve given them as they most likely will be grateful and if they aren’t then it’s not your fault. 

5. Try and enjoy yourself. It’s tough but it can be great so just try your best to enjoy it. 

Love you all and Merry Christmas!! Xx

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