My First Female Uber Driver

A couple of days ago I booked an Uber to take me to the station. I was shocked when it arrived and a female driver came out of the car. For the rest of the journey I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I was sat in the back of car in disbelief, every single other driver I have had has been male, every taxi driver had been male, also every train, tube, and bus driver too. Don’t get me wrong, I know that female drivers exist, but I had never encountered one before.

To be honest it wasn’t really the fact that she was female that shocked me though, it was my reaction to it that shocked me the most.

I found myself in the back of this car commenting on her driving in my mind saying things like “no wonder you don’t get many women doing this” or “god she’s a bad driver”. I call myself a FEMINIST yet I’m sat here thinking these things that society has made me think.

The men in my family constantly criticise the women for their driving, it is very British thing to criticise women’s driving. But it shouldn’t be. And I will not be shocked the next time I get a female taxi driver.


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