Oh look, it’s a veganism post.

Before I start I want to say I’m not trying to force anyone to become vegan. I just want to explain why I am vegan, and what problems it has created for me. Also it’s really important to say that veganism, when done properly, is possibly the healthiest diet you can have, however if you don’t do it in a healthy way then it can be extremely damaging.

Also near the part way through I start talking about possibly triggering content. This will be marked with a *.

I became a vegan earlier on this year, before this I ate all animal products. About 5 years ago, when I was 14 I was vegetarian for a short period of time but other than that I have always eaten animal products.

I went to a vegan festival in may with a friend, and at the end of the day I came out of these vegan. For about a month I was dedicated to veganism. I knew what I was doing it for. I was doing it for the animals and the planet.

But as time went on I realised that things became more than that. Rather than it just being about saving the planet, it became more about how much I could cut out of my diet.

****I had EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) before I became vegan and I thought that becoming vegan would help me recover as I wouldn’t be eating any “Bad” foods anyway. Little did I know that this mentality would be the issue. My diet became extremely restrictive, and then as I got more and more restrictive I started getting myself into a cycle of binging on non-vegan foods and then. So instead of making myself better I just made myself sicker.

It was only when I was lead on the floor of a classroom in sixth form that I realised how ill I had become. I could barely move, I had no energy, and mentally I was feeling awful. To an outsider I probably didn’t look sick as I had lost very little weight, and was overweight anyway. But I was consumed and obsessed with eating a pure vegan diet and cutting out as much food as possible.****

I decided to do something about it and started planning healthy and wholesome vegan meals and cooking for my mum as well, that way I couldn’t get away with restricting the amount as I’d eat at the same time as her. I tried not to worry about eating vegan processed food as I knew that I was being vegan in order to help animals.

Since then I have tried my best to stick to a vegan diet and it has made me feel happier in myself as I know I am doing my best to help.





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