Why do I volunteer?

I had my first voluntary job when I was 15. I worked in a local charity shop. I would be there every weekend and I did this for about 7 months. This was until my GCSE exams hit.

Then during the summer I volunteered and helped out with a care company. When I started sixth form I got a paid job but I still wanted to volunteer. I just struggled to find any voluntary work.

In the following summer I completed the NCS programme, and my love for volunteering grew massively. I did my social action project where I helped the homeless. After the programme I volunteered on the programme. I then started volunteering with girlguiding, I also did volunteer work with a mental health campaign within NCS, I volunteered in helping with lessons in school, I also volunteered with a local charity.

I was hooked.

I couldn’t stop volunteering, and the more I did the more I found time to do.

After having my mental illness being at the centre of my mind for the last few years volunteering was a welcome distraction.

It also gave me self-worth, and confidence.

Since coming to uni I have started working with a local guiding unit, and have started doing work with Time2change. I still wish to do more.

Volunteering gives me a purpose, it gives me happiness, and I’d be lost without it.

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